Visual Merchandising | 07.25.20 (Online Class)


Saturday, July 25, 2020
2-5PM @ Virtual Classroom

Creating an Effective Display that Optimizes Sales both In-Store and Online

Successful retail display attracts, engages and motivates the customer towards making a purchase. Styling visual presentations for a range of product categories is a must for retail brands and business owners. Through this class, you will understand how visual merchandising means much more than simply placing products in certain places, and will be introduced to a series of lessons and a variety of hands-on activities and techniques to merchandise products.

Retail always manages to adapt. The new normal is transforming the face of retail and adapting ahead will help us pivot more effectively and shifting our efforts might give as a better chance of survival. This class is for those who can embrace change. Diversifying your business now is a smart move to make.

This class is ideal for those who want to create a practical retail in store display that can help navigate your brand in this time of tremendous transition. This class will also tackle how to bring your retail display from brick and mortar to online store and how to use your in store tactics in your web display. It will address the importance of omni-channel retailing and how this can provide a seamless customer shopping experience regardless where the customer is.


1. To define the changes in retail shopping

2. To define the role of visual merchandising in the pivot to the new normal in retail

3. To review current display in shops and how you can adjust your display to make it more relevant now

4. To learn how to make the shift from brick and mortar to online and re-creating the in store feel to digital experience

5. To learn effective ways on how to display and sell online

6. To create a guide on what photos or props to use to best display your items online

7. To understand the importance of interactive retail display both in store and online

8. To reimagine your visual merchandising approach to create a more distinctive and authentic customer experience

9. To give tips on retail display both in store and online customized for each specific brand


– Photos of Current Display, Instagram or Website as reference for discussion

Materials included:

– Workbook/Information Sheets
– Personalized Tips for Your Brand

Number of Hours:

4 hours

About the Instructor:

Catherine Limson, owner of Bedazzled and Luna Maia, has been in the retail business for more than ten years. As a very hands-on business owner — from products, branding, down to fixing her display in her partner shops, she believes that the right display can create an excellent customer shopping experience which will eventually lead to good sales.

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