Visual Merchandising | 03.28.20


Sunday, March 29, 2020
11:00 AM – 3:00 PM at Uptown BGC

Creating an Effective Display that Optimizes Sales

Successful retail display attracts, engages and motivates the customer towards making a purchase. Styling visual presentations for a range of product categories is a must for retail brands and business owners. Through this class, you will understand how visual merchandising means much more than simply placing products in certain places, and will be introduced to a series of lessons and a variety of hands-on activities and techniques to merchandise products. By the end of the class, you’ll be able to develop a strong and effective visual display and strengthen your brand to help you gain loyal customers.


  1. To learn about different elements of visual merchandising, to include: space assignment, product grouping, lighting, and other elements for visual communication and creative display
  2. To learn how the fundamentals of consumer behavior and buying psychology work hand in hand with visual merchandising
  3. To participate in class exercises about retail image, visual merchandising procedures and product knowledge, the use of props, shelves and signages
  4. To connect your brand story to consumers through your product display
  5. To develop a visual merchandising plan for current line of products


No necessary pre-requisites for this course.

Materials included:

Pen and paper
Props to be used for the different exercises

Number of Hours:

4 hours

About the Instructor:

Catherine Limson, owner of Bedazzled and Luna Maia, has been in the retail business for more than ten years. As a very hands-on business owner — from products, branding, down to fixing her display in her partner shops, she believes that the right display can create an excellent customer shopping experience which will eventually lead to good sales.

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