Pricing & Packaging Your Creative Services | 09.22.19


Sunday, September 22, 2019
9AM-1PM at Make Space Today

Creative work is fun, so how do you put a price tag on something that you love to do? This class covers the factors you, as a creative freelancer, need to consider when pricing your services. Learn how to calculate the value of your time and match your services to the right clients. By the end of the class, you’ll have a better understanding of your needs and services as a creative entrepreneur. Plus, you’ll know how to deal with (and maximize) any client who offers you #FreeExposure for your creative services.


1. To understand the value of your time and to calculate the costs of your services
2. To identify your products and to take ownership of your creative business
3. To match your brand and services to various types of clients
4. To discuss current pricing issues of creative freelancers


No necessary pre-requisites for this course.

Materials included:

1. LifeAfterBreakfast Pencils
2. Worksheets

Number of Hours:

3 hours

About the Instructor:

Alessandra Lanot is a surface pattern designer, founder of LifeAfterBreakfast handmade art tools, and owner of Pipino Veg.

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