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Sunday, September 1, 2019
2-6 PM at Make Space Today

How To Create A Product Line That Sells

To make a retail brand sustainable, one should have an endless supply of creativity and strategic know how. Most business owners struggle with the idea of creating products that sell, and are in the service of their brand and overall business direction. Aside from branding and proper distribution channels, one key tool that business owners can use to increase their sales is consistently creating and releasing collections. Not only does this enforce brand visibility, but it also ensures the sustainability of your business.

More Details About This Course


1. To learn about the concept of building a collection as a tool to increase sales.
2. To learn about different collection strategies and how they can be used in your own brand.
3. To determine the best strategy that works for your brand
4. To develop a rough plan of products and/or collections that can be launched for your brand in the next year


Must have an existing brand or business

Materials included:

1. Workbook
2. Sunday Paper Pencils

Number of Hours:

3 hours

About the Instructor:

Angeli Pangilinan received her degree in Integrated Marketing & Communications from the University of Asia and the Pacific, worked for a design school & retail company for a few years before founding Sunday Paper. Because of her love for print & beautifully designed identities, she currently works as a strategist for creative entrepreneurs, small to medium enterprises and known personalities & tastemakers – helping them align their vision, goals and stories. Her work is all about alignment – from crafting the most ideal strategy, to creating strong visuals and consistently telling the story thru print, digital and content means.

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