Marianne Sobierra

Marianne Sobierra started ThreadStory in May 2019 to promote slow fashion, circularity, and ethically made clothes. Joining Make Space Today’s Creative Catalog paved the way for her first collaboration with DTI Go Lokal x Common Room’s Sakay collection — a special product line for Men, where she released a limited collection of embroidered scarves and handkerchiefs.

Marianne also joined MST’s Retail Incubator Program during the Holiday Season taking the opportunity to re-purpose the excess fabrics from the Sakay collection to make skinny scarves and scrunchies fulfilling a circular model. This experience shifted her focus on making accessories as her staple items and decided to release clothes as a special collection.

As an artist, Marianne values the creative process and believes in mindful consumption and supporting local artisans. She is currently working on incorporating local weaves into her future product releases.


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