Kitty Jardenil

Kitty Jardenil is a Filipino lettering artist and graphic designer who’s lucky enough to have found her niche early in her life. Her growing love for words, communication, and detail fuel her to get better at what she loves to do, in the hopes of inspiring others to do the same. 

At the peak of her teenage years, she has had the opportunity to work with ABS-CBN Books and San Miguel Corporation, as well as smaller but equally great local businesses. She’s also fortunate to have painted several murals and to have conducted lettering workshops. In the near future, she hopes to collaborate with dream clients on fun projects that will allow her to try out new and exciting things. 

Now a junior college student of one of the Philippines’ top art schools, Kitty juggles her time between freelance work, academics, personal projects, and being the creative director of her school’s student publication organization, the Benildean Press Corps. 

When not obsessing over letters or design, Kitty can be found binge-watching sci-fi shows, listening to Sara Bareilles, geeking over the MCU, or laughing with good friends. 


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